Feb 8, 1903 — Dec. 31, 1984

Elias Oliver Amador Sandoval

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  1. Tláhuac River

    Scenic Tláhuac River, located in a historic borough of Mexico City.

  2. Janitzio Bay

    Island of Janitzio featuring a bay in Lake Pátzcuaro, Mexico

  3. Manzanillo Bay

    Manzanillo Bay in the State of Colima, Mexico.

  4. Pastoral

    Pastoral scene with grazing cows.

  5. Jamapa River

    Jamapa River, Veracruz, Mexico

  6. Contreeno Church

    Contreeno Church in San Luis County, Baja California, Mexico.

  7. Pastoral scene

    Pastoral scene featuring a (hay) wagon.

  8. Cuernava Cathedral

    Cuernava Cathedral in the State of Morelos, Mexico. Cuernavaca is known as the City of Eternal Spring since it is at a constant 8…

  9. El Nevado de Toluca

    "El Nevado de Toluca", meaning the snowed in one from Toluca, Mexico. This volcano grew out of small eruptions with no lava so it…

  10. Roaming sheep

    Bucolic scene with roaming sheep.

  11. Peaceful pastoral scene.

    Peaceful pastoral scene.

  12. Guanajuato

    Scenic colonial Guanajuato street, Guanajuato State, Mexico.

  13. Loreto Church

    Loreto Church in Baja California, Mexico, also known as Baja Mexico.

  14. Taxco

    Flowing with Mexican flavor and color, a colonial patio in Taxco, Mexico is depicted.

  15. Guanajuato

    Guanajuato street, a colonial city situated in a valley in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico.

  16. Xochimilco Canals

    Xochimilco Canals, Mexico with a woman wading her way across.

  17. Santa Prisca Cathedral

    Santa Prisca Cathedral in Taxco, Mexico shown along with a panoramic view of the colonial village with its red tile roofs. This Ca…

  18. Cholula Church

    Cholula Church located in the State of Puebla, La Virgen de los Remedios. Puebla is the holy city with 365 Catholic churches and…

  19. Atzcapozalco Church

    Atzcapozalco Church situated in northern Mexico City, a site that is rich in legends and indigenous history.

  20. Rompeolas

    Titled "Rompeolas", this features a seawall or breakwater view situated in Mexico.

  21. El Popo

    Titled "El Popo", this watercolor depicts a breathtaking view of the Popocatépetl volcano or smoking prince on the outskirts of Me…