Feb 8, 1903 — Dec. 31, 1984

Elias Oliver Amador Sandoval

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El Copero

El Copero

"El Copero" or the mahogany sideboard with heavily inspired Moorish hand-carving and motif dates back to the 1930s or earlier and was his largest furniture piece It is 78" in height, 54 3/8" long x 21.25" wide. The bottom doors were meant to resemble Moorish window shutters through which heavily veiled women were permitted to look out from, but they were to remain confined in their houses at all times. Hand forged wrought iron hinges and locks were used and the original keys still work and accompany it. Elias himself reapplied the burgundy cloth as the original gold cloth wore out, it is held with upholstery tacks and complimentary braided tape.