Feb 8, 1903 — Dec. 31, 1984

Elias Oliver Amador Sandoval

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Large Watercolors

This group covers watercolors preceding 1963 bearing the Mexican government stamp for exportation unless noted otherwise as many post date that period and since a number of them are framed notations on the backs cannot be ascertained. Illness prevented him from painting after 1974. The size for these is either 14" x 21" or 14" x 22", watercolor only (unframed).

  1. Robin Nestlings

    A mother robin diligently feeds her brood in their delicate nest of twigs balanced artistically on a cherry tree branch. The surr…

  2. Rising Swan

    Powerful, spiritual depiction of the emergence of a swan from water as he spreads his wings. Lush, artistic foliage in the backgr…

  3. Chinese Barges

    Very powerful watercolor depicting our journey down the river of life as we steer our barges into the horizon attempting to cross…

  4. Rural Cottages

    A woman carrying water is returning home to a pair of lovely farm houses in a rural setting during the Fall season. Circa 1970s.

  5. Northern Michigan Waterfall

    Breathtaking waterfall is so realistic, that the man doing the framing for this watercolor exclaimed: "your father was a great ar…

  6. Water Wheel

    Northern Michigan early Fall depiction of water wheel farm house by river.

  7. Taxco Cathedral

    Taxco Cathedral and city of Taxco by moonlight, Mexico.

  8. River Coursing

    River coursing by snow peaked mountain - notation on back not legible due to framing.

  9. Mexican Church

    Mexican Church next to another Iglesia del Pozito ? (church)- notation on back not legible due to framing.

  10. Five Birds

    Five birds chirping on branch, fantasy composition. Blue bird of happiness centered with Chicadees and other pair of birds frame…

  11. Humble Priest

    Humble priest reading or praying. Powerful depiction of what religion is meant to be: inspirational and humbling. Rembrandt infl…

  12. Lacantún River

    Lacantún River with two parrots resting on gracefully arched tree branch. The Lacantún River is part of a forest preserve in the…

  13. Fishermen

    Fishermen with net on Pátzcuaro Lake in Michoacán, México. Labelled #98 by Elias O. Amador signifying that it belongs to the grou…

  14. #103 Street in Taxco

    Two women converse from their balconies overlooking a steep, cobbled street with typical red clay tile roofs and flowering bouganv…

  15. Bucolic scene

    A goat herder dreamily gazes over a hilly valley as goats graze on rocky terrain. Windswept tree blends masterfully into a stand…

  16. Outskirts of Mexico City

    Spiritually laden watercolor on the outskirts of Mexico City in a stunning array of colors and symbols. The viewer is lead on a p…

  17. Sunken ship

    Sunken ship in the depths of the ocean with its jagged tears and lines in sharp contrast to the rounded shapes and waves surroundi…

  18. Noah's Ark

    Noah's Ark is thrown about in an ocean full of fierce waves, besieged by an unrelenting storm as shown by the lightning and the ap…

  19. Oxen pulling cart

    Oxen pulling cart over stone bridge lined on one side by lush tropical vegetation and golden wildflowers on the other. A dreamy ba…

  20. Castle Rock

    World reknown Castle Rock, St Ignace, Michigan, framed by birch trees and painted circa 1964-1965.

  21. Atmospheric seascape

    Atmospheric seascape, lighthouse with splashing sea on rocks and overcast sky. Somewhat smaller than large watercolors, but still…

  22. Parisian market

    Parisian market scene, predating 1963. It was one of his wife's favorites and was framed for her house in Mexico. It came up fra…

  23. Cuernavaca

    Church and convent in Mexico, possibly Cuernavaca. Centered signature.

  24. Bouganvillea Vine

    Mexican church, monastery ornamented by a bouganvillea vine, soft beautiful pink coloring and a luminous, joyful sky.

  25. Mexican street

    Interesting view of narrow, cobbled, twisting Mexican street ending in stairs and leading the viewer up to the steeples of the chu…

  26. Street in Pátzcuaro

    Numbered 113, labelled "street in Pátzcuaro" and stamped for exportation by the Mexican government 8/15/1963.

  27. French Street Shops

    French street with shops, painted on thick watercolor paper, cardboard like to the touch, predating 1963, although it's not stampe…

  28. Marine Cave

    Numbered 112, labelled Marine Cave, presumably from Acapulco, Mexico. Predating 1963 although not stamped, done on cardboard-like…

  29. Pair of Oxen

    Pair of oxen, depicting their strength and patience under the subjugation of their yoke. This paint was much loved by the artist'…

  30. Flooded Road

    Oxen pulling hay cart on a cold, stormy, flooded road.

  31. Acapulco Storm

    Overcast, storm-brewing sky, with wind blowing palm trees by the ocean, Acapulco, Mexico. Late 1960s.

  32. Shipwreck

    Numbered 107, labelled Shipwreck but not stamped for exportation. Also rendered in oil. Predates 1963.

  33. Viennese Street

    Numbered 104, Viennese Street on thick watercolor paper, stamped for exportation by the Mexican government, 1963.

  34. Countryside Chapel

    Countryside chapel atop stairs on countryside road, framed by trees.

  35. Dutch Windmill

    Dutch windmill with boy and his dog.

  36. Ocean-side Shrine

    Richly depicted ocean-side shrine with worshipers greeted by rising sun.

  37. Wintry Country Scene

    Beautiful Winter country scene with wintry sky, a wonderful lonely pine tree contrasted with a pair of deciduous trees along with…

  38. Northern Michigan Farm House

    Water wheel Northern Michigan farm house. Mid sixties. Centered signature.

  39. Large Steamship

    Large steamship on North Pole expedition. Circa 1965

  40. Sault Sainte Marie Locks

    Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan locks with ship transferring from one lake to another, 1964 or 1965.

  41. Draft Horses

    Pair of draft horses pulling hay cart out of Michigan barn. 1960s.

  42. Hay Cart

    Loading hay cart while oxen rest. Michigan. Circa 1965

  43. Cobbled street in Taxco

    Twisting, cobbled street in Taxco, Mexico with working children, numbered 100. Stamped for export by the Mexican Government in 196…

  44. Pelicans

    Pair of pelicans resting on rocks, Acapulco, Mexico. Predates 1963.

  45. Draft Horse

    Draft horse pulling hay cart pauses in mid-stream for a drink.

  46. Nayarit, Mexico

    Numbered 108 and stamped for export in 1963 by the Mexican government. Picturesque country side chapel in Nayarit, Mexico.

  47. Mexican Market

    In the foreground is a woman sitting tall and straight selling her large clay pots and baskets, under a makeshift canopy to provid…

  48. New York Bay

    Unusual watercolor dated October 1963 showing large steamer ship entering New York Bay on a foggy day. Probably his first watercol…

  49. Boy herding cows

    Boy herding cows back to farm, in Northern Michigan.

  50. Donkey

    Donkey carrying Mexican woman with baby and laundry in baskets, her other boy also helps with more laundry.

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