Feb 8, 1903 — Dec. 31, 1984

Elias Oliver Amador Sandoval

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Small Watercolors

The small watercolors were part of Elias Oliver Amador's earlier work, during which he developed his self-effacing last names only signature Amador Sandoval. They are characterized by a dreamy, impressionistic style. Most probably were painted between 1930-1950 although some might be earlier. They measure 10" x 14" unless specified otherwise. These watercolors are stamped on the back by the Mexican government for exportation purposes, dated 1963.

  1. Water boy by Severo Amador

    Profiled against a cracked, dirty wall, the humble water boy carries an exceptionally heavy load across a paved street. His jeans…

  2. Xochimilco Canal, Mexico by Severo Amador

    Two men using oars to guide their 'chalupa', a flat bottomed boat used for tourists and selling flowers. Small watercolor 11" x 7…

  3. Street or courtyard in Mexican town by Severo Amador

    Woman walking toward wine grape distillery or water reservoir on rich clay paving with a tenement building to one side adorned by…

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