Feb 8, 1903 — Dec. 31, 1984

Elias Oliver Amador Sandoval

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Watercolor by Severo Amador

Watercolor by Severo Amador

Small 9.25" x 11.5" watercolor by Severo Amador his oldest brother, was sold to a private American collector and recently acquired by Elias's daughter. It is dated 1929, two years before Severo's tragic death. Even though he was very ill, his mastery shines through in this and in his guidance of his younger brother Elias Oliver. Approximately thirty or fewer of his works survive as most were destroyed in a fire of unknown origins that overtook his apartment near the end of his life. His paintings are housed in museums as well as private collections. His books are still published and sold today as important historical works, along with those of his father the noted historian don Elias Amador. Both had schools and streets named in their honor.