Feb 8, 1903 — Dec. 31, 1984

Elias Oliver Amador Sandoval

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Small Watercolors

The small watercolors were part of Elias Oliver Amador's earlier work, during which he developed his self-effacing last names only signature Amador Sandoval. They are characterized by a dreamy, impressionistic style. Most probably were painted between 1930-1950 although some might be earlier. They measure 10" x 14" unless specified otherwise. These watercolors are stamped on the back by the Mexican government for exportation purposes, dated 1963.

  1. Holy Water Well, Santa Prisca Church

    Pidgeons on holy water well in front of a Mexican church door. Saint Prisca (Church), Mexico.

  2. Lagartero River

    Lagartero River, in Chiapas, Mexico, a Mayan site. Winding scenic river on a sunny day.

  3. Leonila

    Mexican housemaid Leonila with typical attire, a popular type of painting from that era.

  4. Augustine Monastery

    Augustine Monastery and Church in Yecapixtla, Morelos, Mexico with strong Gothic lines.

  5. Popocatépetl

    Panoramic view of the Popocatépetl, the smoking volcano on the outskirts of Mexico City.

  6. Xochimilco Church

    Church with market, in Xochimilco, Mexico

  7. Pottery Market

    Classic depiction of a Mexican pottery market

  8. Atilalaquía Parrish

    Atilalaquía Parrish in Hidalgo, Mexico

  9. Paricutín Volcano

    A smoldering view of the Paricutín Volcano, Mexico. It erupted in 1943 (-1952) in a cornfield which was witnessed by a local peas…

  10. Zacatlán Convent

    Zacatlán Convent, located in Puebla, Mexico

  11. Guanajuato

    Children playing on a Guanajuato street, a famous colonial city in Guanajuato, Mexico

  12. Little Red Riding Hood

    Little Red Riding Hood skips merrily toward a cottage in a watercolor labeled "Fantasy"

  13. Bell Tower

    The Bell Tower being rung with sounds freely floating through a perfect blue sky.

  14. Borda Gardens

    Borda Gardens with a pair of lovers crossing through its iron gate, overseen by a church dome in the background, Cuernavaca, Morel…

  15. Tepecaca Convent

    Detail of Tepecaca Convent, Puebla, Mexico, with Mexican peasants and donkeys at its Spanish door.

  16. Tepoztlán Atrium

    Mexicans entering the Tepoztlán Atrium, Morelos, Mexico.

  17. Popocatépetl

    Panoramic view of the volcanoes Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl on the outskirts of Mexico City, with grazing sheep in the foregroun…

  18. Xochimilco

    A church located in Xochimilco, Mexico

  19. Madero Avenue

    Madero Avenue on a rainy 1930's day in Mexico City.

  20. Guanajuato

    View of a street in Guanajuato, a colonial city in Guanajuato, Mexico.

  21. Red Floral

    Clear glass vase holds red flowered stems, on hand-loomed wool Mexican textile, Painted in late 1930s, and stamped 1942 for export…

  22. Blue Floral

    Humble pottery vase with blue flowers, 1930's. Loving depiction of the greatness found in the humble. Stamped 1942 for exportation…

  23. Convent

    Convent with donkeys, not labelled, Mexico circa 1940's, 15" x 11"

  24. Xochimilco Lagoon

    Xochimilco Lagoon, Mexico, 15" x 11"

  25. Acapulco Bay

    Acapulco Bay, Guerrero, Mexico 15" x 11"

  26. Tarahumara

    Tarahumara Indian family cooking 15" x 11", Mexico

  27. Cerro de la Silla Convent

    Convent near Cerro de la Silla (Hill of the Chair), Monterrey, Mexico, 1940's, 15" x 11"

  28. The Siesta

    Pastoral scene labelled "The Siesta", Mexico

  29. Teotihuacán Pyramid

    Teotihuacán Pyramid, Mexico

  30. Tepotzotlán Bell Tower

    Tepotzotlán bell tower, Mexico

  31. Tepecaca Moorish Tower

    Tepecaca Moorish Tower, Puebla, Mexico

  32. Franciscan Convent

    Franciscan Convent in Tepecaca, Puebla, Mexico

  33. Tepotzotlán Tower

    Tepotzotlán Tower, Mexico

  34. Tulancingo Church

    Tulancingo Church and Tulancingo River, Hidalgo, Mexico

  35. Teocelo Ravine

    Teocelo Ravine with overpass bridge, Veracruz, Mexico

  36. Chapel of the Conception

    Chapel of the Conception, Capilla de la Concepción, Mexico

  37. Palace of Cortés

    Palace of Cortés, Mexico

  38. Church of the Nativities

    Church of the Nativities, Iglesia de las Natividades, Mexico

  39. Tizatlán Church

    Tizatlán Church, Tlaxcala, Mexico

  40. Acolmán Claustro

    Claustro (religious courtyard) of Acolmán, Mexico

  41. Los Remedios Aqueduct

    Los Remedios Aqueduct (The Remedies), Michoacán, Mexico

  42. Yanhuitlán Dominican Convent

    Yanhuitlán Dominican Convent, Oaxaca, Mexico

  43. Museum Monument

    Museum Monument of the (Mexican) Revolution, built 1932-1938, watercolor circa this period.

  44. Zócalo

    1930's view of the Cathedral located downtown in the Zócalo, Mexico City, D.F. Framed so notation of the location on back of the…

  45. Lion Cathedral

    Interesting spiritual rendition and perspective of the spires on Lion Cathedral. Unusual and great perspective of cathedral towers…

  46. Boat docking

    Boat docking in New York Bay.

  47. Village Chapel

    Village Chapel (in Cuernavaca?) with his highness the loyal dog waiting in tow for his owners.

  48. Moose

    Male Moose ink and pen drawing, unsigned. Only surviving ink and pen sketch, 7.5" x 10.5". His notebooks full of ink and pen ori…

  49. Watercolor by Severo Amador

    Small 9.25" x 11.5" watercolor by Severo Amador his oldest brother, was sold to a private American collector and recently acquired…

  50. 1929 Mexican girl watercolor by Severo Amador

    Watercolor dated 1929 by Severo Amador (1886-1931), Mexican girl, 9.5" x 11.5 on watercolor paper, still in original frame.

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