Feb 8, 1903 — Dec. 31, 1984

Elias Oliver Amador Sandoval

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Oil Paintings

  1. Xochimilco Canal

    18" x 24", 1950's. Oil on canvas depicting part of the Xochimilco Canal, South of Mexico City, built and used by the Aztecs for tr…

  2. The Gypsies

    24" x 30", Oil on canvas. 1950's. A faceless representation of us all, as we wander through the forest of life.

  3. Popocatépetl

    18" x 22", Oil on canvas. 1950's. Road to the volcanoes Popocatépetl, smoking prince and Iztaccíhuatl snow princess, punctuated by…

  4. Michigan Waterfall

    1964-1965 Northern Michigan waterfall, oil on board, 21" x 27.5"

  5. Large Shadow Box Frame

    Elias Oliver Amador also designed and hand made many of his frames. This one is in the shape of a shadow box picture frame for h…

  6. Don Manuel Osorio

    Don Manuel Osorio by Francisco de Goya, oil on frame. Elias O. Amador worked from an incorrect photographic reproduction which sho…

  7. Three dimensional frame

    Three dimensional frame designed and made by Elias O., showcasing his reproduction of Rembrandt's knight, oil on frame. Frame mea…

  8. Mahogany frame

    Another frame that Elias Oliver designed and made to showcase his reproduction of Rembrandt's wife Saskia posing as a well-to-do l…

  9. Decaying sailboat

    Decaying sailboat wreck marooned on sandy, rocky beach. Oil on frame. 22" x 18"

  10. New York Harbor

    A ship docking in New York Harbor on a foggy day. This oil possesses a dreamy, old fashioned look, but is realistic at the same…

  11. Draft Horse

    Normandy draft (?) horse in a patient, but dignified stance. Oil on board 10" x 12", one of a complementary pair.

  12. Farm Horse

    Light colored (farm) horse peacefully grazing. Oil on board 9" x 12", companion painting to the brown Normandy horse.

  13. Cuernava

    Street in Mexican village (Cuernava?) depicting a farmer and oxen transporting hay.

  14. Fish Catch

    Mexican housemaid with fish catch purchased for cooking.

  15. Mexican housemaid

    Mexican housemaid cleaning large copper kettle

  16. Portrait of Josefa Sandoval Muro de Amador

    Josefa Sandoval Muro de Amador Garay, “Pepita”, wife of historian Elias Amador, mother of Elias Oliver Amador Sandoval. “Pepita”,…

  17. Northern Michigan

    Covered bridge road with farmer transporting hay load. 18" x 22" oil on canvas, aged varnish

  18. Acapulco, Mexico, seascape

    Acapulco, Mexico, seascape. A dark rocky formation looms over a calm sea, and sky, creating a sharp contrast. Dating back to ear…

  19. Acapulco, Mexico, seascape

    Acapulco, Mexico, seascape with impressive opposites: jagged rock formations against rolling waves in a calm sea against a changi…

  20. Lighthouse

    Lighthouse 24" x 20", possibly in Michigan. It's inviting, calm presence is enhanced by an antique look derived from its aging ch…